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Stanley/Stella GOTS T-shirts 'Rocker' Black with Biege silkscreen, Stanley/Stella GOTS T-shirts 'Creator' Desert Dust with Red silkscreen, Stanley/Stella GOTS T-shirts 'Rocker' Red with Biege silkscreen, Stanley/Stella GOTS T-shirts 'Rocker' Vintage white with red silkscreen.

€ 35


100% GOTS made T-shirt.

The Global Organic Textile Standard, recognizable by the green logo, works like a chain that cannot be broken;
The cotton farmer is GOTS certified, the dye house is GOTS certified, the sewing workshop is GOTS certified, and so on. As soon as the chain is interrupted, the quality mark expires immediately and can no longer be restored. This also applies if the article is printed by a screen printer that is not certified, because inks and ingredients are used that are not allowed on organic textiles.