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In this research I looked at how I can make an artistic statement about the wasteful pattern making in the fashion industry and the positive alternative of zero-waste pattern cutting. We throw away 60 billion m2 (15%) of textile each year of the 400 billion m2 we produce annually. Because we treat pre-consumer waste as a management problem, not as a design problem. So we have to eliminate the production of waste, all other approaches, including recycling, are secondary to this.


The concept is about claiming a space with this message, combining spatial installation and fashion. With fashion I show the literal facts, with the installation I use a symbolic landfill and with the performance I tell the story of demolishing the wasteland, that can be deconstructed into three dresses. In the hemp fabric I cut out and highlight the basic convection patterns of a dress, jacket and pants factually to show the pre-consumer waste surrounding it. The patterns you can open and close (construct/deconstruct) to use for your body and to clarify the message even more. When you combine the three garments it evokes an even bigger statement that can be used for exhibitions as well. But for individual use It can also be used to hang on your wall at home as a conversation piece.

Playful ways to wear

Conventional pants pattern outlined

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Conventional dress pattern outlined

Conventional jacket pattern outlined


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