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Meaning Free Prisoner logo

"Clothing that continues to surprise and seduce with their ineffable sense of rebellious elegancy."

Free Prisoner
"A captive society struggling for freedom"

Free Prisoner stands for us. The human beings fighting to feel as free as possible in a captive society. Amber had these ideas in mind when she worked on a project about what fashion means for society and how it influences our thoughts and behaviors. This is what the brand stands for.


The world (the circle) + Amber (the 'A') + a peace sign

A compass pointing towards a better world 

We are free prisoners in this world.


What we stand for

Zero-waste fashion label Free Prisoner aims to increase awareness of the flaws in the fashion industry by preventing textile waste. The label promotes a circular economy, by focusing on compostable clothing, based primarily on hemp, without polyester or fabrics containing (micro)plastics. Free Prisoner believes that fashion should be sustainable and transparent. We feel that "fashion" and "sustainable fashion" should be the same thing. As much as possible, all clothing should be environmentally friendly. When creating new things, it is our responsibility as designers to ensure they have a positive impact on society and the environment.


By offering courses, giving talks and sharing facts about the fashion industry, Free Prisoner aims to raise awareness. Along with creating slow, sustainable clothing, these are our tools for making a positive impact on the fashion industry and the world. ​


"On-demand" means we don't mass-produce our clothing, but create customized pieces when you place an order. By following such a production line, no clothing is ever thrown away and overproduction is a thing of the past.


What we do with zero-waste designing is puzzling with patterns and redesigning them so that the garment can be cut on the full surface of the fabric and there will be no precious textile waste. Read more about zero-waste pattern cutting here.


Slow fashion label

As the industry is going in the fastest way possible by releasing 12 collections a year and having new pieces hanging in the stores every week, we at Free Prisoner are taking it a bit more slowly. We don't want to make clothing that is only fun because it's a trend, we want you to have endless use and fun with your garment. That is why quality is most important for us and if you do decide to no longer want the garment in your wardrobe, it is 100% biodegradable so in this way we also don't contribute to post-consumer waste.

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