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Amber is a designer and (fashion) activist who grew up in the beautiful province of Friesland, in the most northern part of the Netherlands. She has graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, where she specialized in zero-waste design.


Fashion is its own language to Amber, it is her personal way of telling stories. She much prefers it over speaking with words! This is why she prefers to describe herself as a visual artist employing multiple disciplines. These different storytelling elements may include fashion, fine arts and spatial design.

Do you want to learn more about Amber’s journey to becoming a zero-waste designer?

Read the story she wrote for her project Back to Zero PI


Amber’s approach is very personal. Usually defined by a mood or a feeling, it employs autobiographical elements, such as childhood memories and simple observations of life. She draws inspiration from the body, which moves with emotion, choice, and imperfections alike. Making statements with her work is what drives her projects. Amber wants to make fashion as art, fashion with a story. This includes pieces that you don't necessarily wear but that you experience. She mostly uses monochrome colors, occasionally adding a splash of colour to fit the statement. Amber uses oversized pieces in her search for different forms. They remind her of her safe place 'under the duvet’. They act as a protective blanket. Amber is a woman, and as such, a feeling of safety is extremely meaningful to her. In her designs, she plays with the fascinating contrast of oversized, comfortable and powerful silhouettes, while simultaneously showing the wearer's skin.

Fascinated by failures and flaws, she deeply values the Japanese concept of "Wabi-sabi", which celebrates beauty in broken things. A simple, yet striking look is achieved through layers of deconstructed fabric and a sense of minimalism and vulnerability. Free Prisoner clothing continues to surprise and seduce with its look of rebellious elegance.



"From an early age I have emphasized social problems through my designs. I believe that telling a story through fashion can have a major impact on how we think about everything from politics, to the environment and cultures."

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